Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." - Khalil Gibran

It was almost 4:00 am when Sasha woke up in a cold sweat, panting rapidly. She had the weirdest dream about a man and a boy walking through Howell park. The boy was leading the man who appeared to be blind and the boy’s mouth was covered in silver duct tape. It was rather cold out and Sasha was wondering through the park in only her nightdress. The mysterious man started sputtering out some sort of prophecy as Sasha walked by: "Your great good fortune, true, it was your ruin". Then just as soon as the dream had begun it was over. Sasha shuddered just thinking about the scene. The words spoken by the old man continued to play over and over in Sasha’s head, so much so that she couldn’t fall back asleep. Sasha felt a tingling sensation that started in her feet and traveled up her body. The sensations caused her to rise out of her bed and leave the Victorian wearing only her silk nightgown. The cool air felt refreshing on her sweaty skin. Sasha continued to walk with an empty mind until she found herself in front of the Graveyard across the street from St. Cecilia’s church. The fog was rather thick but Sasha could still make out two figures hovering over one of the tomb stones. Sasha slowly walked towards the figures. As she crept closer she noticed one figure was digging into the grave while another was keeping guard. Sasha froze hoping the figures wouldn’t be able to see her through the fog. As the guard's gaze swept across the graveyard, he finally laid eyes on Sasha. “I’m going to call the cops! You can’t get away with this!” Sasha shrieked. The words had just vomited out of her mouth. Before she could turn to run away the man digging paused, looked to his right, picked up a some sort of bucket, and and made a throwing motion towards Sasha. Time seemed to bend as the red paint that flew from the bucket filled her ears and splattered the wooden cross behind her. By the time Sasha wiped the paint off her eyes the figures were gone and all Sasha could sense was the faint smell of oranges.   

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