Sunday, April 30, 2017

This is our last blog post friends!

Everyday since Sasha found the old woman’s apartment empty, she walked around the city searching for any sign of the woman. She searched the abandoned observatory, the diner, the bookstore, and all the restaurants in town to no avail. After a few days Sasha couldn't think of any more places to search. One morning Sasha was sitting in her apartment scrutinizing a map of the city, when there was a news report on the TV about Rory Langley having been hit by a car. Sasha was not surprised by the report. Ever since the grave robbery the city began looking more and more like a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Glancing back up at the TV, Sasha immediately recognized the sketch of the supposed murderer; it was obviously Jenn Sonyac. Jenn worked at the same animal hospital that Sasha brought Cupcake and Lollipop to. “This town must be cursed,” Sasha said shaking her head. With no hope of finding the old woman, Sasha knew it was time to do what she planned to do last week. Pulling out her laptop she booked a cheap flight to Colorado and arranged to meet a couple who was looking to rent their small cabin. Sasha put the leashes on her dogs, grabbed her suitcase that was still packed, and dropped her keys and note off on Ellen’s desk.

Sasha walked several blocks until she reached the airport shuttle stop. As soon as she stepped up to the curb a coach bus pulled around the corner. Just as Sasha was putting her suitcase on the bus, she could feel her phone vibrating in her pocket. Sasha was surprised to see that Wren Henry was calling her.
“That’s odd,” Sasha thought.
“I haven’t talked to him since the time he punched Jamie in the face.”
Seeing the quizzical look on Sasha’s face, the bus driver asked, “Are you feeling alright?”
Sasha turned her phone on silent and then turned to the bus driver, “I’m okay. I’m just need to get out of here.”
The bus driver nodded as Sasha and her dogs took their seats. As the bus pulled away Sasha looked back at the city. All she could think of as she stared out the window were the dirty streets, the odd mix of people, the terrible food, the horrendous smells, the dilapidated buildings, the grave robbery and the murder. As the bus continued moving, the city waned, until, to Sasha’s obvious delight, the city disappeared from view.

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