Thursday, April 20, 2017

"You're not getting cold fins now are you" - Ariel

Sasha was finally back at work after the paint incident. The owners of the book store needed extra set of hands after the giant storm. A tree broke through a window, leaving many of the books to be destroyed by the wind and the rain. Sasha was picking soggy books off the floor and putting them in a pile on the counter. The bookstore was completely silent and there was not a sole in sight, “this is perfect,” Sasha thought. As she’s working, Sasha sees a colorful flyer that had been blown through the broken window. The bright blue bold title read “Movie in the Park,” and the subtitle read “Join us for baked goods, rides, music, and a feature of the Little Mermaid”. At first as Sasha read the flyer a slight smile broke across her face as she remembered how she used to love dressing up as the little mermaid and dancing around the house. As soon as the image faded Sasa crumpled up the flyer and threw it in the trash: “what’s the point of going to a movie if I can’t even hear it,” Sasha thought. As she finished up her work at the bookstore, Sasha looked out the broken window and saw streams of people headed towards the park for the festival. They all carried looks of joy on their faces. “I can’t be here any more,” Sasha exclaimed. She jump out the broken window and ran back to the Victorian. Back at her apartment Sasha began throwing clothes and food into her duffel bag. Cupcake and Lollipop ran around the cramped apartment, barking all the while at Sasha’s frantic packing. After cramming the final book into her suitcase Sasha zipped it up, grabbed the dog leashes, and left her apartment with cupcake and lollipop. Before she left town, Sasha wanted to go by the old woman’s apartment, hoping the woman would agree to come with her. As she walked up the stair she peered out the window and saw the full moon appear to glow a bright orange. “Nothing good ever comes from a full moon,” Sasha thought. She continued hiking up the seemingly infinite number of stairs. When she reached the top of the building, Sasha opened the door to the old woman’s apartment, which was always left unlocked. Sasha’s mouth dropped open. The apartment was empty. There were no book cases, no chair, not even the kitchen was there. Most importantly, the old woman was nowhere in sight. Sasha sunk to the floor with her head in her hands.

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